Pokemon X Naturewedlocke Progress

Here’s the progress as of April 10, 9:45pm CDT on my Pokemon X Naturewedlocke, as well as other clarifications for my reference. Refer to this if you’re interested in keeping track of my team (I’ll edit as I proceed).

Current Team

Montgomery the male Quilladin

  • Personality: Careful, somewhat of a clown. Loves to tell jokes, but worries they offend his friends.
  • Must use HP healing items when HP is 50% or less.
  • Must alternate between Status moves and non-Status moves (can start with either).

Cheyenne the female Fletchinder

  • Personality: Quirky, alert to sounds. Very twitchy and nervous. A bit odd.
  • Must use a Status move as its first move when it is set out
  • Can’t use any Status moves if it is hit by a noise-based move.

Albany the female Pidgeotto

  • Personality: Adamant, somewhat vain. Very full of herself and her grace. Obsessed with beauty.
  • Can’t use Special-based moves.
  • Can only be paired with “meek” natured Pokemon.
  • Can only equip wearable items (scarves, glasses, etc.)

Charleston the male Charmeleon

  • Personality: Quiet, likes to relax. Doesn’t talk much, looks to Albany for validation. Shy. Introverted.
  • Can’t use any noise-based moves.
  • May switch to any Pokemon (even in other pairs) if it is asleep.

Trenton the male Azurill

  • Personality: Brave, capable of taking hits. Prides himself in being tough, brave, but isn’t really that tough.
  • Can’t switch to other Pokemon once it is out in battle.
  • If it dies to a critical hit, it can be revived once while at a Pokemon Center by using a Revive.

Helena the female Zangoose

  • Personality: Gentle, strong willed. Sweet, kind, dislikes violence. Very friendly. Very apologetic if she hits too hard.
  • Can’t use any move with more than 60 power (though “strong willed” ups that limit to 80).
  • Whenever she scores a critical hit, she must switch to her partner immediately.

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Will your Naturewedlocke challenge be uploaded on Youtube as well?

Nope, it will not be. I enjoy playing video games while relaxing on the couch and watching TV, or while visiting family (my nephew loves playing Pokémon), so I want to have something I can play for those occasions. It’s also really tricky to explain that whole set of rules.

Naturewedlocke Rules

So, I had some fun over on my personal Twitter going through a Wedlocke of Pokémon X with some very challenging rules. Once that wrapped up, I wanted something else to do in my spare time, so I’m going with a new challenge: the Naturewedlocke.

While I personally started working on this on my own, without any influence, some investigation shows that gloomyMoron posted a similar challenge last March, so I’m providing credit, despite it not actually inspiring my idea in the first place.

Anyway, all rules of the Wedlocke apply for this challenge. Refer to the Wedlocke Rules video if you are unfamiliar with those rules, as they are not included here.

What makes it a Naturewedlocke is not anything to do with nature itself; it has to do with each Pokémon’s natures and characteristics and how they affect each Pokémon.

Further below in this post is the comprehensive list of all properties that each nature and characteristic. If you want to attempt this challenge, too, you can refer to the list and look up both nature and characteristic, then play by those rules for your Pokémon.

Doing this adds a level of challenge and randomness to a Wedlocke. It also emphasizes much greater individuality in the Pokémon you catch. At least, that’s the hope! Who knows, maybe this will totally stink, but I’m gonna go for it regardless.

You’ll be able to follow my challenge on Twitter with the hashtag #XNaturewedlocke, but I’ll post about it here from time to time and will reblog any artwork I get about the challenge.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the reference sheet for all of the natures and characteristics. (Characteristics aren’t present in Gen III, so you may put them all in random.org and assign one when you catch a new Pokémon or just ignore them altogether.)

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Have you ever thought of doing a walkthrough of pkmn xD gale of darkness or pkmn colloseum?

Yes, I’d considered it in the past, actually all the way back in the days of the Emerald Nuzlocke in late 2012. That was mostly because there weren’t a lot of videos on the game. With several popular YouTubers such as chuggaaconroy having done (or in the process of doing) series on these games, I don’t feel it’s as necessary to play through these games, particularly in a walkthrough-esque format.

Marriland’s insanaty


Marriland as 10 deaths in his wedlocke already,he doesn’t know what he did to deserve that…and now his insanaty starts…image

Clearing all messages

Hey folks, I haven’t used tumblr in awhile, my apologies for that. It’s neat to see that there are still people who have managed to find and follow me here. It’s also neat that some of you have taken the time to send in questions!

However, as I don’t have a clear idea of how old some of these questions are, since I, y’know, haven’t been active in a bit, I’m going to clear out all of the questions sent in (sorry!) and start fresh. I think this’ll just make it easier to keep track of and whatnot.

Thanks for understanding, and cheers!

Hey Marriland. What is your favourite game for the 3DS?

Currently Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, but that’s mostly because there aren’t really any other titles I’m more into. I was very disappointed with the Paper Mario 3DS game that I had such high hopes for.

I think that Quagsire may have met his match, hmmm?

I think that Quagsire may have met his match, hmmm?

Hi Marriland! I'm totally in love with your wedlocke run, and now I want to see another one. I know it probably won't happen, but I really do want to see a wedlocke run of FireRed or LeafGreen. I just wanted you to know that I'll never get tired of seeing your wedlockes!

Ha, well thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it! While I’m not planning a new Wedlocke anytime soon, I’m debating between having the next one be LeafGreen or Black. I actually did a test run through some of each. The LeafGreen one was interesting, although gets very hard against Misty, oh man.

I don’t know, maybe someday! But until then, I hope the Platinum Nuzlocke coming in late May is satisfactory as well.